Tecma is proud to announce that The Great Place to Work Institute has selected Tecma as Number 19 of the top 100 of the Great Places to Work in the Northwest District of Mexico.  This is the third award this year of 2016 where previously Tecma was recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute for Gender Equality and as number 56 of the TOP 100 Great Places to Work in Mexico.

This new recognition is a great source of pride for the organization and its leadership. With continued internal improvement, the company expects to find itself within the ranking of the top fifty employers in Mexico in the year to come.

Tecma Awards


This new recognition of being ‘Number 19 of the 100 Great Places to Work in the Northwest District of Mexico’ speaks of management’s focus on providing a work environment that that provides high levels of employee satisfaction and low levels of turnover rates.

Although the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTWI) is headquartered in the US city of San Francisco, it has an international presence and reach that is globally recognized and respected. Recognition of companies by the GPTWI is coveted and is an indicator of the superior work environment that companies small, medium and large across the globe have all labored to create for their most important assets, their employees. Tecma has been recognized as a Great Place to Work for two years running in the category of companies that employ between 500 and 5000 workers.

As stated by The Great Place to Work Institute, “the results of our anonymous Trust Index® survey, applied to companies in this category, show that they are distinguished by a high level of commitment towards their organizations, presenting a high sense of belonging to them, which translates into a willingness to The people of wanting to continue working in their companies, demonstrating that any organization can build a great culture for the benefit of all its collaborators.”

This year is the Tecma Group of Company’s thirtieth anniversary. During these three decades, company leadership has been consistent and mindful in creating a workplace in Mexico that is driven by a core set of principles. These include:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Family environment
  • Personal and organization integrity

The award of this honor by the GPTWI is a source of great satisfaction for the president and CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies, Alan Russell. He notes that “to be a Great Place to Work for two years running is a feather in the company cap that we all wear with great pride. We believe that Tecma has secured this honor because it is as much committed to its employees in a “human” sense as it is in a material one. We not only pay our workers a salary in the commonly thought of sense but also in an “emotional” way. We take great effort to ascertain our workers’ personal and familial needs and to deliver programs and services which address them.”

Tecma looks forward to continue moving up in the ranks of Great Places to Work in Mexico and to also continue to serve both its customers and employees for the next thirty years.