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Great Place to Work in Mexico

Great Place to Work in Mexico

Great Place to Work in Mexico Recognizes the Tecma Group of Companies

Tecma has been recognized by the Great Place to Work in Mexico, a division of the Great Place to Work Institute of San Francisco, California as being in a unique, highly specialized category for the Top 100 of the Best Places to Work in Mexico on Diversity and Inclusion 2017.

Great Place to Work in Mexico

Date: June 6, 2017

From: Great Place to Work in Mexicoy

Subject: Congratulations!

Following up on today’s event, we want to extend once again a huge congratulation to being part of the Top 100 of the Best Places to Work in Mexico on Diversity and Inclusion 2017.

Next I share the logos of the Ranking so that they can use them in any communication and the Benchmark of the listing.

In the coming days I will share the link with the photographs of the event.

Any additional questions, I am at your service.

Marisol G. Echeverría, Great Place to Work – Mexico City

Great Place to Work










Best Workplaces for Diversity studied the traits that make them such equitable places to build a career. These companies don’t just hire, inspire and promote under-represented team members. They also deliver results: Our research showed that the Best Workplaces experienced average annual revenue gains 24 percent higher than their peer companies certified by Great Place to Work in Mexico. It’s also important to note that simply increasing headcount diversity did not show a strong connection to revenue growth in our research. Instead, our data showed that employees’ experience of genuine workplace inclusion—as seen by high, consistent survey scores in areas such as fair treatment and a caring environment—is a better predictor of revenue growth than diversity alone.

Alan Russel, founder and CEO said, “We are honored and proud to have received this unique and highly respected award for diversity and and inclusion from the Great Place to Work in Mexico.  I recognize this award is being given to all of the employees of Tecma for their dedication and hard work to our common goal of improving the lives of all persons associated with the Tecma Group of Companies.”

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