Customs Manager of The Tecma Group of Companies, Marisela Molina, explains how to go about establishing a relationship with Mexican Customs for those that are interested in manufacturing in Mexico.

Hi my name is Marisela Molina, and I am customs manager of the Tecma Group of Companies. Today I am going to speak to you about some things that you will need to organize for Mexican Customs purposes should you decide to manufacture in Mexico. The information that you will need in order to start this process, and to create a working relationship with Mexican Customs includes: a master list of parts and raw materials that you will use in your manufacturing process, part numbers with descriptions, cost information, as well as country of origin and the weight. Also a list of all materials and equipment that you will want to import into Mexico, certificates of origin for all the items that you will ship into Mexico. With this information, the raw materials are classified for Customs purposes. This will help determine how much you will pay in duties, and what kind of permits that will be required to import all necessary items into Mexico.

Once this analysis is complete, trained professionals can assist you to reduce the impact of taxes that are paid. Should you decide to work with a shelter service provider, the company can help you to organize all the information required to complete the process, and to make sure tht you are in compliance with all Mexican Customs laws and regulations. Again, my name is Marisela Molina. If you have questions, you can email me at

Photo credit: Hector Lazo