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Mexico manufacturing client base better served by Tecma Group of Companies’ improved infrastructure

Mexico manufacturing client base better served by Tecma Group of Companies’ improved infrastructure

Mexico manufacturing firms to benefit from Tecma’s telecommunications system upgrade.

El Paso, Texas, February 15, 2013 – In accord with the company’s practice of continually improving the infrastructure by which it serves its diverse Mexico manufacturing client base, the Tecma Group of Companies, has committed significant resources to upgrade the telecommunications technology that it uses to communicate internally, externally and with its customers. Tecma serves manufacturers south of the border in Ciudad Juarez through its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

As of mid-March, Tecma will employ a Cisco “unified communications system” to address its need for state-of-the-art telecommunications services in Mexico. The Cisco System uses the company’s IT network as a platform for collaboration that allows users to deploy various applications on-site, on-demand and in blended models that have the capability to combine voice, video and data. The system engenders greater vendor – client interface, as well as establishes a customer – service provider telepresence.

Other specific capabilities that the new system will provide include:

  • message receipt notification by telephone, email or text message.
  • video, voice and web conferencing; messaging; mobile applications; and enterprise
  • social software that keeps users connected and productive.
  • customer collaboration tools that are designed to strengthen relationships, enhance
  • satisfaction, build brand loyalty and provide information and resources that are critical to success.

In his comments related to the upgrade, Mark Earley, Tecma’s Chief Financial Officer, emphatically stated that “Our company recognizes the importance and necessity of making the necessary financial commitments to support the infrastructural improvements that ensure the success of our customers’ activities. We are acutely aware that doing so is critical in a Mexico manufacturing environment that becomes more competitive with each passing year.

About the Tecma Group of Companies:

Tecma is a Texas-based company that has served Mexico manufacturing companies in Ciudad Juarez through its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) for more than two decades. The business model that it employs provides companies of all sizes access to world-class, North American manufacturing resources at nearshore costs.

Remember, relevant and useful Mexico manufacturing content is available at one’s finger tips by downloading the Tecma Group mobile app from the Google Play Store, interested parties can also receive Mexico manufacturing information on a weekly basis by SMS Texting the word Tecma to 96000.



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