Tecma Group Mexican shelter services now available in Baja California

The El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies has recently expanded the geographic reach of its Mexican shelter services by establishing operations in Rosarito, a municipality of 65,000 residents in the western border state of Baja California. The community is situated twenty miles south of the principal West Coast border town of Tijuana. []

AMCOR Service Solutions expands its border and Mexico shelter manufacturing facilities

New Jersey-based AMCOR Service Solutions has completed expansion of its El Paso and Ciudad Juarez facilities. The latter, operates under the auspices of the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP), and in conjunction with its US distribution center in El Paso Texas. []

Mexican maquiladora operations run more productively on premium fuel

Top quality Mexican maquiladora operations run on quality people and good food. In most instances, a well-fed workforce is happy one. A happy workforce is most often more productive than it would be under other circumstances. This line of reasoning applies to Mexican maquiladora operations, as well as others.

Tecma Talk podcast focuses on total cost of ownership and other global manufacturing trends

Listen to a podcast with the Los Angeles-based president and CEO of Group 50 consulting, Jim Gitney, regarding current global manufacturing trends such as the growing interest in the concepts of “total cost of ownership” and “nearshoring.”

Maquiladora manufacturing firms adjust to VAT and IEPS tax changes

So far this year, Mexico’s Tax Administration Service, or, as it known by its Spanish acronym, SAT has received in excess of a thousand applications from maquiladora manufacturing firms that are seeking exemption from payment of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Tecma Group recognized for efforts to boost educational level of its maquiladora industry workforce

The Tecma Group of Companies is an active, energetic and committed participant in programs offered and delivered by the Chihuahuan Institute for Adult Education, as well as by Mexican federal government’s National Institute for Adult Education (INEA). The Mexican shelter service provider was recently recognized []

Tecma Group of companies makes Mexico manufacturing information available through text messaging

Useful and relevant information related to nearshore manufacturing south of the border delivered to your cell phone once a week. Reach out to us to know more!

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