Firstronic enters into agreement to establish Mexican manufacturing operations with the Tecma Group

El Paso, Texas – Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Firstronic has entered into a seventy-eight month contract for services in Mexico with the Tecma Group of Companies that will enable the firm to begin the assembly of electronic control units for industrial and automotive applications at its new Mexican manufacturing operations in Ciudad Juarez during  []

California’s Coastal Closeouts, Inc. to operate in Mexico with the Tecma Group

Los Angeles, California-based Coastal Closeouts, Inc. has entered a five year agreement under which it will operate in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico through the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP). Services delivered by []


Transportation security in Mexico

In this installation of Tecma Talk podcast. Erik Markeset, president of Mexico City-based Tsol Soluciones in Logisticas gives an overview of the present status of transportation security in Mexico. []

Tour Tecma’s flexible Mexico manufacturing shelter model in El Paso with Alan Russell

Tecma moved its central El Paso location in 1989, and we’ve been here ever since. Now the company is based in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border. It takes about twenty-five or thirty minutes to get to  []

Tecma Group Mexican shelter services now available in Baja California

The El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies has recently expanded the geographic reach of its Mexican shelter services by establishing operations in Rosarito, a municipality of 65,000 residents in the western border state of Baja California. The community is situated twenty miles south of the principal West Coast border town of Tijuana. []

Meet Tecma in Guanajuato in December 2014

The premiere maquiladora trade industry publication, Mexico Now, will host its Mexico Auto Industry Conference 2014 this coming December 3 and 4 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.  The venue in which the event will be held will be the Poliforum Leon. […]


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