Alan Russell – Tecma’s Chairman and CEO

The Tecma Group of Companies acquires Made in Mexico, Inc.


The emergence of a dominant US-Mexico border region provider of Mexican Manufacturing Support Services (shelter services) is the result of the acquisition of Made in Mexico, Inc. by the El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies.[]

The Tecma – Made in Mexico, Inc. acquisition: A word from Tecma chairman and CEO, Alan Russell

“Hello. I am Alan Russell, Chairman, co-founder and CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies. Tecma has operated a shelter manufacturing business with warehousing and distribution services along the US-Mexico border, and as far south as Torreon and Leon, Guanajuato.  I would like take this opportunity to make a brief statement on Tecma’s recent acquisition of Made in Mexico, Inc.” []

Tecma takes occupational health and safety in Mexico seriously

The task of caring for the occupational health and safety of its Mexican workforce is taken seriously by Tecma. []

Tecma invests in the future by sharing its knowledge of industrial security in Mexico

Tecma helps prepare students for a career on the factory floor by sharing real-world information on industrial security in Mexico with them. []

Tecma bolsters its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance program

The Tecma Group’s Mark Earley explains how having a strong Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in place enables companies to conduct transactional business in an honest and straightforward manner. []

Tecma Talks about the medical device industry supply chain in Tijuana with Ian Monroy

Amcor Service Solutions has been operating under the auspices of the Tecma Group of Companies shelter service offerings in Mexico since 2007. []

EVENT: Mexico Auto Industry Summit 2015

Attend Mexico Now’s Automotive Industry Summit 2015 in Guanajuato, Leon

Attend Mexico Auto Industry Summit 2015

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