KNIGHT LLC, Mexico facility achieves ISO 13485 certification

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – December 23, 2014 – Tecma Group client company, Lake Forest, California-based Knight LLC, recently earned an International Standards Organization (ISO) quality certification for the Ciudad Juarez maquiladora facility operated by Tecma.  []

Experts predict a positive economic outlook for Mexico in 2015

Mexico’s open and liquid financial markets have bolstered foreign portfolio and direct investments in recent years and can facilitate adjustment to external shocks. Mexico has in place very strong policy frameworks aimed at maintaining prudent macroeconomic policies []

The Tecma Group of Companies’ entities gain certification for Mexican VAT tax exemption

The Tecma Group ensures its Mexico manufacturing clients’ competitiveness by obtaining Mexican VAT tax exemption. One of the consequences of the broad tax reforms passed last year by the Mexican Congress is that companies operating as maquiladoras in Mexico that do not go through a defined IMMEX []

Lower industrial electricity rates in Mexico in 2015

A drop in the price of fossil fuels will mean lower industrial electricity rates in Mexico in 2015 for manufacturers. The advent of 2015 brings with it good news for maquiladora manufacturers in the form of what will be lower industrial electricity rates in Mexico. As a direct result of the drop in the global price of a barrel of crude oil, the country’s main power provider, the Comision Federal de Electricidad  []

Tecma’s “Supérate” program boosts educational levels of Mexican maquiladora personnel

On November 28, 2014, the Tecma Group of Company’s organized its annual graduation ceremony for those employees that successfully participated in 2014’s Supérate Tecma (Improve Yourself) program. The event took place at the offices of Mexico’s National Maquiladora Association (INDEX) in Ciudad Juarez. []

Tax incentives in Tijuana that are available to manufacturers and other businesses

The Tecma Group speaks with Mexican attorney, Rafael Solorzano, about tax incentives available through the City of  Tijuana for manufacturers and other business operators. []