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Tecma Times – Second Quarter 2016

Tecma Times – Second Quarter 2016

Manufacturing in Durango, Mexico


Manufacturing companies from the US, China, and all over the world are establishing business operations in Durango, Mexico in increasing numbers. This city is now being revealed as Mexico’s best kept secret. []


How Shelter Companies Simplify Manufacturing in Mexico


How do Shelter Companies Simplify Manufacturing in Mexico? It is quickly becoming apparent that Mexico provides vast opportunity to businesses and investors around the world, yet the misconception that partnering with the Latin American country is too complex persists. []


Tijuana manufacturing and economic growth thrive


For all the negative publicity that it has received in past decades, the Western border city has grown to be a notable leader in international trade and manufacturing – and the future looks even brighter. Robust Tijuana manufacturing and economic growth continue. []


Government Over-Regulation Impacts US Businesses


Government Over-Regulation is forcing American Companies to seek more friendly manufacturing locations.[]


What Are NAFTA Benefits to the US?


NAFTA has changed the way business is done for the better in North America for over two decades. The once-controversial agreement has often been a topic of uncertain skepticism, yet the record shows a clear pattern of payoffs for the US. []


Tijuana Aerospace Industry Is Growing


The aerospace and defense industries have long been a prevailing economic force in the southwestern United States, and Tijuana in Mexico is a key partner in meeting this demand. []

Qualified Mexican Labor Driving Nearshoring Trend


Qualified Mexican Labor in high numbers is reversing industry’s perception that Mexico is only for simple assembly work. Over $30 billion has now been invested in ‘high technology’ manufacturing facilities in Mexico by companies from China, Korea, the United States, Spain, etc. []

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